Whatcom County's Pump Track


If you love to mountain or dirt bike, Whatcom County offers several options for those who love to ride the “rollers and berms” of the pump tracks.

Lynden Pump Track at Bender Fields

Location: 8770 Bender Road, Lynden, WA 98264

The Lynden Pump Track is a lovely six-minute drive from Oostema Farmstead. The track features a looped circuit that is the perfect ride for dirt bicycle enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The track is made from dirt for now, but plans to cover it in asphalt are in the works. 

It is located at the southeast quadrant of the expansive Bender Fields. Also available at Bender are picnic tables, a playground, climbing wall and biking and walking trails.

Waypoint Park Pump Track

Location: 1200 Bay Street, Bellingham WA 98225

Approximately a half an hour drive from Oostema Farmstead is the Waypoint Pump Track. It is located along beautiful Bellingham Bay. The site used to be home to the Georgia Pacific pulp mill. Reminders of the pulp factory can still be seen at the park. The most notable sign of the area’s former resident is the sculpture, “Waypoint” which is known as the “Acid Ball” by locals.  The giant sphere is an industrial relic that was originally used in wood pulp processing. 

The pump track is located across from Waypoint Park and can be accessed from Granary Avenue or Laurel Street. It was created to accommodate riders of all skill levels and features approximately 20,000 square feet of track. Riders will find a variety of berms and banks that will thrill avid riders and more gentle slopes for the less experienced. 

There are picnic tables available at the park, so you can plan a full day of fun.

There is also a pump track located at Whatcom Falls Park which is about a half an hour’s drive from the Farmstead.    

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