Campground Instructions and Information

Hi we’re Glen and Lisa Oostema – the proud owners of Oostema Farmstead.

Thank you for booking to stay with us.  We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time at the Farmstead and that your stay exceeds your expectations.

Whatever your reason for staying with us, your comfort is our priority, and we guarantee you a genuinely warm welcome.

To get the most out of your stay here and to ensure your safety and comfort, we’d be grateful if you could take the time to read this campground information.

If you have difficulty with anything, do not hesitate to let us know, and we will be more than happy to help you. In addition, we can be reached by phone via text or phone calls .

Glen or Lisa at 1-360-815-1494

Our aim is for you to leave fully relaxed, refreshed, and with incredible memories that you will cherish forever! 

Warm Wishes


Lisa and Glen Oostema

Wake up to Country Views

Peaceful ⭐Relaxing ⭐Beautiful Surroundings

And if you can call/text us when you are 30 minutes away, to ensure the driveway is entrance is open, we would appreciate it.



If you have sites #2, 3A, 3, 4, and 5 please watch this video before arrival: click here   Or see the video at the bottom of this page. 

Site #1 and 6 have a particular link in your email to find your site.  

The check-in time is anytime after 1 pm until 9 pm. Later check-in may be available but must be arranged before your arrival.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help.

You have complete access to all of the property, so you may take full advantage of the fields to wander through. From riding bikes to leisurely walks through the raspberry fields, it’s there for you to enjoy. For your convenience, you will find a map of the property located at the check-in station.

As for the barn, we ask that you kindly respect the barn information provided to you in The Barn Activities tab.

If you are camping in the field, we will meet you on the driveway and take you out to the field.  

Fore more information, go here:

Off Grid Feild Camping (

We aim to provide an excellent experience of staying on grass. The camping sites are spacious; you will find the experience relaxing, quiet, and enjoyable! Our camping area is very well maintained, and we have a fantastic lawn for you to enjoy.

To help us ensure this stays beautiful for all guests, we have a few rules that you kindly ask you to follow:

  • Would you please pick up and throw away your garbage and food? We have a few barn cats who wander around, and they might like a bit of your meal if you leave it out.

  • Please don’t use any camping mats; unfortunately, they will burn our grass. 

  • Do not toss any hot water or coffee onto the lawn, which will also burn our lawn.  (Just be mindful of anything that is hot or could result in damage to the lawn.)
  • If you have brought your pet, please note our pet policy below and always pick up after your pet(s).

  • We offer fire rings for each site – for the safety of everyone on the site. You may not move the rings. 

  • Garbage is located by the barn. Please use it for your daily waste. Please do not leave any excess like large cardboard or packaging material-please take it with you. We do not recycle, so place all bottles and cans in the dumpster. If you would like to recycle or you have excess, you can go here: Nooksack Valley Disposal and Recycling 250 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Lynden,  

You can access the internet free of charge. Search for the wireless network called Guest, and you will require the password Farmstead. Wi-Fi is available outside, but you may not have a signal unless closer to the house. 

Although we have Internet access, we do not guarantee a connection or the speed of the connection.

We provide the amenities to make your stay comfortable. However, we realize that there may be a few things we need to remind you of to help us keep our property in tip-top condition. For those on full septic hookups:

  • Please use TP that is ONLY designated for RVs.  We have several pumps in place for the septic, and we do not want our system to go down.

  • All of our sites have power. We kindly ask that you do not start your generator.

We have guests that stay with us, please respect their privacy by not walking in front or around the House.  

Here on the Farmstead, we do allow pets. You are more than welcome to walk with them around the property and let them stretch their legs. We do ask that they are on a leash at all times and that you clean up after them. If you would like to take them off-leash, kindly walk in the raspberry fields. There are 55 acres that you can wander through. 

  • Dogs are NOT allowed in the barn. No exceptions.

  • Pets must be walked by a responsible person and cleaned up immediately.

  • A dog cannot be left unattended at any time if you are in a tent. However, if you are in an RV, must they only be left if they do not cry when left alone. 

All non-registered guests must have a parking permit(-you can ask us for one-), park in the VISITOR parking area, and leave by 9 PM.

As we all know, unfortunately, noise travels! Here at Oostema Farmstead, we pride ourselves on providing a tranquil and peaceful place to stay, and because of this, we have a designated “quiet time,” which is between 10 pm and 7 am. We kindly ask that you respect other guests by keeping noise levels to a minimum during this time.

Unfortunately, generators are not quiet and are not allowed.  

Our Farmstead Store is not open daily.  You can pre-purchase your products before arrival, which is highly recommended for optimal thawing time. To shop, go here: Farmstead Store.

Please order all meats 24 hours before your arrival, so we can collect the meats and get them thawed out for you to cook when you arrive.  If you wish to purchase additional meats or items, please make an appointment with Lisa. We will gladly open the store for you, and you can browse our products.  

Pre-Order Your Farm-Fresh Produce

Why not enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner fresh from the Farmstead?  We are very proud of our fresh local produce and you can pre-order any of our premium selections of meats, beef, and pork along with our farm-fresh eggs.

Everything will be ready for you in the refrigerator when you arrive.  To find out more, head over to our online store.

Add one of our mouth-watering meats, along with Farmstead fresh eggs, and you’ve got the most delicious meal of truly Farmstead local produce! 

In addition, during the season, you can also purchase one of our $5 baskets to pick and fill as you go with all your favorite herbs and organic vegetables.

Picking fresh produce and then teaming it with fresh meat and eggs for lunch or dinner is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

911 for Fire, Police, or Ambulance

Our address is 8402 Northwood Rd. Lynden, WA

If you have an emergency in the night or if we are not present, you may contact us, please call Glen  or Lisa @ 1-360-815-1494

The management will not accept responsibility for any valuables lost or mislaid unless handed in for safe custody. Further, we take no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred to vehicles or property contained therein. Guests are reminded to take the usual precautions and not leave any valuables or other items on show in their vehicles. Our total liability to you is limited to the booking price, and under no circumstances will we be responsible for any indirect or special damages. 

We ask that you vacate the property by noon on your day of departure to enable us sufficient time to prepare for the next guests.

Before you leave, please dispose of trash in the cans or to the big BLUE dumpster located by the barn. Please do not leave any excess like large cardboard or packaging material-please take it with you. We do not recycle, so place all bottles and cans in the dumpster. However, if you would like to recycle or you have excess, you can go here: Nooksack Valley Disposal and Recycling 250 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Lynden

Take a look around

Campground Instructions for Check-in

The Farmstead

The Facilities

The barn is home to our animals, and here you will find our Wagyu herd and a few other breeds of cows. You will discover our calves, Cash (Holstein), Ruby (Shorthorn), Sylvia (our Kune Kene pig), and Cher (our Boar goat) in their pens. 

  • Treats for the animals: We provide a limited amount of treats for the animals. You can find some for Sylvia and Cher near their pens in red Folgers Coffee Tubs.

  • Alfalfa cubes can be found in the front of the Big Gabrel Yellow Barn; again, please limit the amount so others can also enjoy this activity.
  • We ask that you spaciously feed them treats so there is some for the other guests to enjoy providing them, and DO NOT FEED or throw any hay, grain, or anything else for them to eat. This can make them very ILL! AGAIN DO NOT FEED THEM ANYTHING ELSE. 

  • Caution and Child Supervision: Children or minors are not allowed in the barn alone. They MUST have an adult with them at all times.

  • Please supervise all children with you AT ALL TIMES. The property is a working farm with electric fences, machinery, sharp tools, livestock, and other items not present at a typical camping facility. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children’s safety and the safety of any other children that belong to their group and assume all risks associated with staying on the Farmstead.


Join us for an immersive and informative Farmstead Tour showcasing our farm’s unique features and practices. Our tours are available by appointment only, and can be reserved through our designated schedule on Farmstead Tours.

For just $20.00 per person, you’ll spend an hour or more exploring the many highlights of our farm, including:

  • History of the Farmstead: Our farm has a rich history dating back many years, and you’ll learn all about its evolution and significance to our community.

  • Wagyu Cattle: Our Wagyu cattle are a special breed renowned for their distinctive marbling and tender meat. You’ll discover what makes our Wagyu cattle so unique, and learn about our dedicated approach to raising and caring for them on our farm. Witness their feeding time with alfalfa cubes, a favorite experience of many visitors.

  • Farming Practices: Our sustainable farming practices are at the heart of everything we do, and you’ll gain insight into our techniques for maintaining the health and well-being of our animals and crops. From management to animal care, we’ll share our methods for ensuring a healthy and bountiful farm.

  • Raspberry Fields Tour: Take a leisurely golf cart tour of our beautiful raspberry fields, where you’ll see the fruits of our labor up close. Keep an eye out for fascinating wildlife along the way, and enjoy the scenic views of our farm.

  • Raspberry Processing: Learn how the raspberries are harvested and processed, from field to packaging. We’ll show you the equipment and explain the steps we take to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. (when in Season)

If the scheduled time doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or text at to schedule a tour at a more convenient time. Please include your preferred time and date in your message.

Join us for a Farmstead Tour that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of sustainable farming practices. We can’t wait to share our farm with you!

You have access to a cold water double sink and a shared porta-potty in high season that both benefit from a regular professional clean. In the Winter we have one portable available. 

We provide two professionally cleaned portables for your use located along the barn near the campground check-in station. (winter season there is one portable and no water.)

There is also a utility sink for your benefit, and we provide dish soap. Unlike other campgrounds, both cold and hot water is also available. You are welcome to use it for cleaning dishes and general clean-up. Please remove any food or leftovers from the sink to ensure a clean space for the next guest. Our water is potable, so feel free to use it for drinking water.

We ask that you please respectfully use the porta potties to ensure the next guest has a clean portable when entering. Also, please let us know right away if it needs attention-we want to provide clean and fresh bathrooms for everyone. We hire a professional to clean them every Thursday. 

We also have an outdoor shower, we ask that you limit your time to 5 minutes with the warm water, so the next guest can have a warm shower.

We have a washer and dryer available to all our guests, and they are available in the barn office, in front of the big main barn. There is a glass door to enter through. We kindly ask you to drop a little token of $1 for each machine you use in the box located on the dryer and while using the dryer, please clean the lint trap.

Please do not leave your laundry in the machines, remove them as soon as they are done. Thank you.

Yes, we provide each site with a picnic table and fire ring

Having a fire to share with your friends and family is a beautiful experience. Roasting marshmallows, making smores are some of the fun treats you can do around a fire. Each site has a private fire pit for your personal use. We do offer a very generous crate of wood, hand-split by Glen himself, located under the campground check-in stand, and there is a wheelbarrow for you to use to transport your box.

The cost is only $6 per crate can be paid through Venmo, Paypal, or Cash; information is located by the wood boxes. Any other portable wood-burning rings are not allowed. 

We kindly ask that you do not remove the rings from their location. If you have a propane burning pit you would like to use, please ask before using it and decide if it can damage our lawn. We also ask that you not throw garbage, food, cigarettes, butts, or anything other than wood in the fire pits, and please use the designated garbage cans. 

Yes, you can purchase a crate of firewood for $6 can be purchased before your arrival via our shop, and we will deliver it to your site or you can purchase a crate when you arrive from our stand.

Yes, any guest staying more than two nights in a nonseptic hook-up can use the dump station for free when you depart.  One night’s stay will be required to pay a $10 dump fee.

We all love to cook outside, and we provide a lush green lawn to add coolness to your step. To save our grounds, we ask a few things:

  • Would you please use the provided picnic table for your cooking equipment?

  • The use of stoves that can burn our lawn is prohibited. 

  • Any other portable wood-burning rings are not allowed.

Yes, we have a community BBQ for everyone to share.

However, inviting the hot tub is, unfortunately, it is not available to our campground guests. It’s only available and only insured for use by guests staying in the Tiny House and The Apartment.

In the check-in stand, (Summer only) you will find a restaurant guide for local eateries, maps, and information about the wonderful area we call home. You can also read more in our Local Guide found here: Local Guide 

Nearest Shops:

Northwood Market and Thirsty Badger: A small family-owned convenience store, located at the corner of Northwood and E. Badger Rd. 1501 E. Badger, Lynden

Groceries, toiletries, meds, Beer, and Wine, are available for purchase.

Nearest Bank / U.S. Bank ATM – Address: 218 Front St, Lynden.

Nearest Post Office: Address: 600 Front St, Lynden.

Nearest Pharmacy: Rite Aid Address: 8090 Guide Meridian Rd, Lynden.