Campground in Lynden

 Camping season has arrived in Whatcom County.

I’ve often said the Pacific Northwest has at least fifty different kinds of rain, all contributing to the countless shades of vibrant green that color the Pacific Northwest is famous for. In the Spring there are the Spring Drink rains, the Spring Wash rains, the Blustery Spring rains, and Spring Soaker rains. Each type of rain plays its own role in the rich ecosystem of the region. The Spring Soaker rain is like a super fertilizer, the plants seem to grow almost as fast as the raindrops fall. Try a campground in Lynden.

I’m a full-time RV nomad, currently parked on the beautiful Oostema Farmstead and Campground in Lynden, Washington, northeast of Bellingham, just below the Canadian border. The Farmstead is situated on a knoll that provides a territorial view to the south and west, and a protective wrap of the glacier-capped Cascades and the Canadian Rockies to the east and north. It’s a working farm and home to Lisa and Glen, two of the most gracious hosts I’ve ever met. In addition to managing the comings and goings of the Farmstead and Campground, they tend to the garden, a small herd of Wagyu cows, a few goats, chickens, and an exceptionally clean pig. There are also acres of raspberry canes and feed corn.

The mobile lifestyle I have chosen inspires me to slow down and shift my awareness to the subtleties of the world around me. I’m nestled in during a Spring Soaker, watching the rain work its magic on the flowers in the yard and the fields of raspberries. The magic of the rain isn’t something I noticed while working and commuting in and out of the city. I typically only noticed how the rains emboldened Seattle drivers to risk their lives and mine. It’s such a joy to be in a place where the subtle changes in the world around me are so evident. I’m so grateful to be here and to see the magic of the Spring Soaker Rain on the Farmstead.

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