Fall Hikes Near Bellingham

As the crisp fall air rolls in, I can’t help but get excited for the thrill of hiking and walking in Whatcom County. There’s something about the cooler temperatures and the vibrant colors of the changing leaves that makes for an exhilarating outdoor experience. Plus, with fewer crowds around, it’s the perfect time to explore the breathtaking beauty of this region.

Located just a short 30-minute drive from our cozy accommodations, there are plenty of hiking trails and walking paths that are sure to take your breath away. As a seasoned guide, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places to explore in the fall.

First on the list is the stunning Whatcom Falls Park. This 241-acre park in Bellingham, Washington boasts four sets of waterfalls and several miles of well-maintained walking trails. When you visit in the fall, the rain returns and the falls grow larger, making for a truly spectacular sight. As you walk through the park’s trails, you’ll be surrounded by an array of colorful leaves, adding to the magic of this fall hiking experience.

If you’re up for a bit of a drive, the picturesque Picture Lake is a must-see. Located 51 miles east of the Farmstead along the scenic Mt. Baker Highway, this lake is one of the most popular destinations in Whatcom County. You’ll be able to witness the breathtaking reflection of Mount Shuksan on the lake’s surface, with the fall colors providing the perfect backdrop.

For a more challenging hike, head to the Chuckanut Trails. The Interurban Trail runs parallel to Chuckanut Drive and offers stunning views of the Chuckanut Mountains. During the fall months, the colors truly come alive, putting on a show for everyone. There are several hiking trails that branch off of the Interurban Trail, leading you further into the mountains. At the north end, consider visiting Chuckanut Falls after a good rain, then continue on to the Hemlock Trail to Raptor Ridge and Pine and Cedar Lakes.

For a more tranquil hiking experience, the Berthusen Park is a must-visit. This city park provides the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, unwind, and have a picnic with your family. From Oostema Farmstead, it’s just an 11-mile drive west on Badger Road. The park remains relatively quiet, except for some of the hottest days of the year, making it a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Finally, for those who enjoy a waterfront view, the City Waterfront Trails in Bellingham are a must-see. The Squalicum Harbor Trail loops around the harbor, offering spectacular views of Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, including restaurants like Kuru Kuru Sushi or Anthony’s, sporting goods store Kite Paddle Surf, and the Marine Life Center. Boulevard Park is also a popular destination, with scenic views of Bellingham Bay, the San Juan Islands, and Mount Baker. Take a stroll along the boardwalk, grab a coffee or snack from Woods Coffee, and explore Taylor Dock, once used for the waterfront industry and now open to the public.

With so many incredible hiking and walking options to choose from, fall is the perfect time to explore the beauty of Whatcom County.



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Your guide to receational trails near Bellingham

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