Harvest Hosts

Welcome Harvest Hosts

Hi we’re Glen and Lisa Oostema – the proud owners of Oostema Farmstead, a working farm located a short drive from Lynden, WA.

To ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay on the Farmstead, we kindly ask that you follow a few guidelines:

  • All RVs must be self-contained and have their own bathroom and shower. Please note that our facilities (bathroom, shower, and garbage) are not part of the Harvest Host program here on the Farmstead.
  • We kindly ask that a purchase, according to the Harvest Hosts Code Of Conduct,  be made to support our business and efforts to host you. Your contribution helps us maintain the Farmstead and deliver the best possible experience.
  • We take pride in running an efficient property and creating a unique Harvest Hosts experience. 
  • The Harvest Hosts sites are in the field for our high summer months and in front of the barn in our off-season.
  • If you prefer, you can upgrade to one of our fantastic RV spots on the grass with power, water, septic, and no expectation to purchase our meats. Visit our website to learn more about Farmstead RV Sites.
  • Please read all instructions carefully and call or text us when you are 20-30 minutes away. 
  • Safe travels, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Best regards, 

Glen and Lisa Oostema

The Facilities

We want to ensure that your stay with us is enjoyable and comfortable. To help achieve this, we kindly ask that you follow the Harvest Hosts Code of Conduct.


Because you are a member of Harvest Hosts, we want to remind you of the Harvest Hosts Code Of Conduct. (To read the full terms, click on the link. )

We have highlighted the important ones, as we want you to know our expectations from  Harvest Host Members.

  • As a thank you for your overnight stay, we recommend spending a minimum of $30 through a purchase, tip, or donation to support your Host – that way everyone wins!
  • As a reminder, no-shows or cancellations by a member within 24 hours (or less) of a stay are a violation of this Code of Conduct and are subject to Harvest Host’s violations policy.
  • All RVs must be self-contained. You must have your own portable bathroom/shower facility.  Please do not use our facilities (including water) unless you are paying for an RV site.
  • We do offer a dump station for our Harvest Hosts for a small fee.
  • We do not allow the use of generators around the property.  In summer, if you are benefiting from a field site, then the use of a generator is permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. but we ask that you respect other guests in the field with you. 
  • We expect you to take ALL your trash home with you.


We look forward to hosting you and providing you with an enjoyable and memorable experience at our farm.

Glen and Lisa Oostema

We have a shop on-site where you can purchase a variety of items, including all our beef, pork, and clothing with our logo on it.<<click here>> 

Please note that our Farmstead Store may not be open at all times due to our busy schedule. To ensure you can shop with us, It’s essential to book an appointment by clicking here: To book a reserved time to shop, click here:

This way, we can make sure to accommodate you and provide the best service possible

Kindly be aware that our Wagyu selection is presently limited to a few choices, whereas our Angus range offers a slightly wider variety. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, as we are currently facing shortages due to delays from both the USDA and our butcher.

Please order all meats 24 hours before your arrival so we can collect them and get them thawed out for you to cook when you arrive if you so desire. 

We understand that not everyone may be interested in participating in our program, and if that’s the case, we kindly ask that you cancel your reservation and allow someone else to visit with us.

You can check into the site anytime after 4 pm until 9 pm.

We kindly ask that you check out on the day of departure before 11 am 

Yes, if it is not signed, then we can not allow the RV to come onto the property.  It is imperative that this is done. 

This is for the safety and for all LEGAL, INSURANCE purposes we require this from ALL our guests.  


With the Harvest Hosts program, we ask that you do not use our Facilities,

  • Portables
  • Shower
  • Water
  • Garbage

We may require you to pay a nominal fee if you wish to use them.

Or you can upgrade to a paid site.

Our animals’ and guests’ safety and comfort are of utmost importance to us. To create a peaceful and enjoyable environment for everyone, we ask pet owners to be considerate of their pets’ presence. We are pleased to accommodate one dog per RV booking. Due to restrictions on our liability insurance, we are unable to accept dogs from the following breeds: (pitbull, rottweiler, akita, or wolf mix) on our Farmstead.

In the interest of maintaining tranquility, we may limit pet accommodations and, if necessary, make adjustments to reservations if a pet’s behavior, such as excessive barking or potential risks, could affect the overall ambiance of our Farmstead. Your understanding and cooperation are highly valued as we strive to provide a delightful experience for all our guests.

All pets must always remain on a leash to ensure safety and compliance with our policies.


The sites are located on gravel or concrete by the big yellow barn. (see photos)  We offer power and water at each location for a minimal fee.

You can book a site if you wish to be on grass or have power and water, even sewer.

Harvest Host Site

Closed for the Winter:  Summer Season Only.  Have you ever wanted to sleep near the cows?

You’ll “sleep with the cows,” but not literally. This area is perfect for those who want a bit of an adventure from the comforts of your RV.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape and make memories you can treasure forever. The camping field is blissfully quiet while the cows are resting nearby. You will have panoramic views of the mountains and the berry fields nearby.

To learn more click here.

Yes, we kindly ask that you phone us or text us 20-30 minutes before arrival.  Please do not just show up.  It may result in sitting in your RV until we have time to park you.

We prioritize the tranquility of our farm, and thus, generators are not permitted within the campground. If you desire access to electricity, you have two options: you can either arrange for a hookup at an additional cost or opt to book a full hook-up site, which includes power, water, and septic services. 

To book your site, go here: Oostema Farmstead 

Our commitment to a peaceful and serene environment is paramount.

No, as part of the Harvest Host program, we do not provide each site with a picnic table and fire ring.  You may upgrade to the campground for these amenities. 

To book your site go here: Oostema Farmstead Family Owned Campground in Lynden

Yes, propane fires are allowed on the gravel or in the field.

You have access to the Farmstead Laundry Area, which is located in the Farmstead Barn Office and offers both a washer and dryer. We ask that you kindly leave money in a box located on top of the dryer, as an honor system.

Yes, depending on the bookings we have coming in, and how many RVs are on the property, you may be required to unhook.

Yes, we do offer longer stays.  You can book a site by going to our webpage here>>Oostema Farmstead Family Owned Campground in Lynden

Yes! Wi-Fi is available, and you can access the code on arrival. 

Quiet time around the Farmstead is from 10 pm until 7 am. Please use soft voices during this time and respect your fellow guests.

The Harvest Hosts ‘sites for one night’s stay will be required to pay a dump fee. If staying for 2 nights in a paid site, there is no charge.

The campground is a shared space with other campers and there may be up to 7 RVs on the property. IN addition, you can also enjoy shared use of the garden with both other guests and us (who you will often find tending and working in the garden). 

The barn is home to our animals, and here you will find our Wagyu herd and a few other breeds of cows.. 

  • Treats for the animals: We provide a limited amount of treats for the animals. We ask that you spaciously feed them treats so there is some for the other guests to enjoy providing them, and do not feed or throw any hay, grain, or anything else for them to eat. 

  • Alfalfa cubes can be found in the front of the Big Gabrel Yellow Barn; again, please limit the amount so others can also enjoy this activity.
  • We ask that you spaciously feed them treats so there is some for the other guests to enjoy providing them, and DO NOT FEED or throw any hay, grain, or anything else for them to eat. This can make them very ILL! AGAIN DO NOT FEED THEM ANYTHING ELSE.

In the check-in stand,  you will find a restaurant guide for local eateries, maps, and information about the wonderful area we call home. You can also read more in our Local Guide found here: Local Guide 

Nearest Shops:

Northwood Market and Thirsty Badger: A small family-owned convenience store, located at the corner of Northwood and E. Badger Rd. 1501 E. Badger, Lynden

Groceries, toiletries, meds, Beer, and Wine, are available for purchase.

Nearest Bank / U.S. Bank ATM – Address: 218 Front St, Lynden.

Nearest Post Office: Address: 600 Front St, Lynden.

Nearest Pharmacy: Rite Aid Address: 8090 Guide Meridian Rd, Lynden.

And if you can call/text us when you are 30 minutes away, to ensure the driveway is entrance is open, we would appreciate it.


Harvest Host in Lynden