Keenan's at the Pier

 A Culinary Collaboration: Keenan’s at the Pier Features Oostema Farmsteads Wagyu Beef

Nestled along the scenic waterfront of Bellingham, Keenan’s at the Pier stands as a beacon of fine dining, celebrated for its commitment to showcasing local flavors and ingredients. This season, the restaurant proudly introduces a refreshed spring/summer menu that not only promises a delight to the palate but also highlights the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine. Among the notable additions is a feature that excites us at Oostema Farmstead: our very own Wagyu beef.

As the sun casts longer shadows and the days gently warm, Keenan’s at the Pier unveils a menu where each dish tells a story of regional provenance and culinary craftsmanship. The standout? Our Wagyu beef sliders, a masterpiece of flavors meticulously assembled to enchant the most discerning gourmets. These sliders are not just a meal; they represent a collaboration of local purveyors coming together to create something uniquely spectacular.

Our Wagyu Beef’s Journey to Your Plate

At Oostema Farmstead, our Wagyu beef is the product of careful breeding and passionate farming. Our cattle are raised in open pastures, where they graze freely, resulting in beef that is both tender and richly marbled. The journey from our farm to your plate is short, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Keenan’s Culinary Artistry

The Wagyu beef sliders at Keenan’s are a culinary tribute to the luxurious textures and flavors that characterize our beef. These sliders are layered with a black garlic truffle aioli and a savory bacon jam, which perfectly complements the natural richness of the Wagyu. Fresh arugula adds a crisp, peppery note, while the creamy Whatcom Blue Cheese melds seamlessly with the beef’s depth of flavor. Each component is encased in a soft, freshly baked bun from Avenue Bakery, making every bite a perfect harmony of local produce.

A Menu Rooted in Local Partnerships

Keenan’s at the Pier is not just about exceptional food; it’s about the stories behind the ingredients. Executive Chef Ashley highlights the importance of local partnerships in crafting their menu. “With our spring/summer menu, you’ll see a lot of halibut that we get from Pete and Chelsea of Sea to Shore Seafood Co.,” he notes. “We also offer Oostema Farm’s Wagyu beef in our sliders, which are a testament to the quality and passion of local producers.”

Why Local Matters

Choosing local ingredients is not merely a culinary choice; it’s a commitment to the community and the environment. By supporting local farms and fisheries, Keenan’s helps sustain the local economy and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance food transportation. For diners, it means enjoying the freshest, most flavorful ingredients that the season and region have to offer.

Experience the Magic

We invite you to experience the magic of our Wagyu beef sliders at Keenan’s at the Pier. It’s not just a meal; it’s a celebration of local craftsmanship and a testament to the power of community collaboration in creating extraordinary culinary experiences. Join us for a taste of the Pacific Northwest, beautifully curated by Keenan’s at the Pier and passionately provided by your local farmers and artisans.

This collaboration between Oostema Farm and Keenan’s at the Pier exemplifies how local partnerships can elevate the dining experience, offering guests not only a meal but a story of community, sustainability, and unparalleled quality. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our story—one delicious bite at a time.

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