Are you super pumped about coming to the Farm?

Hi we’re Glen and Lisa Oostema – Your Hosts on the Farmstead.

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you to our Farmstead! It’s our mission to ensure your visit is both peaceful and enriching, surpassing all your expectations.

We appreciate that each guest arrives with their own unique hopes for their stay, and we’re here to make sure you find the comfort you seek during your time with us. Your happiness is our highest priority, and we’re excited to offer you a heartfelt welcome.

For a seamless experience and to guarantee your well-being, we kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with our check-in process. If there’s anything you need or any way we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our greatest wish is that you leave us feeling thoroughly invigorated, with a renewed spirit and carrying home memories that will be treasured forever.

We aspire for you to leave feeling fully refreshed, revitalized, and enriched with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Smooth Arrival Tips

Where to park:  Follow the sign for the Little Farmhouse at the “Y” in the driveway.  There is two designated parking spots in front of the house.

You will find a tutorial video here for all the information about the house here.

Check-In Time: Arrive anytime after 4:00 PM  to begin your stay.
Check-Out Time: Conclude your stay at your own pace, anytime from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

To ensure your safety and privacy, we offer a keyless locking system with a designated code: 8402. Kindly input this code and rotate the deadbolt to secure or release the lock.

Please note that the lock remains in a locked state upon your arrival, so be sure to remember the code: 8402

The kitchen is equipped with a spacious apartment-sized refrigerator, a cooktop featuring an oven, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker with complimentary coffee and tea supplies, as well as all the necessary amenities for meal preparation. You’ll also find basic pots and pans along with mixing bowls at your disposal.

For your convenience robes, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, complimentary toiletries, tissues and a hairdryer are provided.

Experience the Farmhouse Hot Tub to the fullest by reserving your exclusive time slot. Ensure you secure your hot tub session.   Not booking a slot will result in restricted access, with the tub remaining locked. Book your time here: 

  • When using the hot tub, please carefully follow the instructions for opening and closing the lid to avoid any damage, as any costs associated with damage will be passed on to the guest.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing glass cups to the hot tub area. Plastic cups are thoughtfully provided and can be found in the cupboard for your convenience.
  • The Hot Tub is located at the rear of our Farmhouse and can be accessed by walking to it via the yard, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.
  • Feel free to utilize the robes provided in your bathroom for added comfort during your hot tub experience.
  • During the summer season, access to the Hot Tub requires walking through the campground.
  • Please be considerate of other guests and maintain quiet voices while conversing in the hot tub area.
  • The maximum allotted time for hot tub usage is 1 hour. Enjoy your relaxing soak!

Any non-registered guests are required to obtain a parking permit, which can be requested from our staff. These guests should park in the designated VISITOR parking area and depart by 5 PM. Thank you for your cooperation.

We all understand that noise can carry, and at Oostema Farmstead, we take pride in offering a serene and tranquil environment for our guests. To maintain this peaceful atmosphere, we have established a designated “quiet time” from 10 PM to 7 AM. We kindly request your cooperation in respecting fellow guests by minimizing noise levels during this period. Thank you for your consideration.

Our Farmstead store has limited hours and isn’t open daily. We recommend pre-purchasing your products before your stay for optimal thawing time. To shop, go here: Farmstead Store.

Our Farmstead store has limited hours and isn’t open daily. We recommend pre-purchasing your products before your stay for optimal thawing time. Order meats 24 hours in advance for the best experience. If you’d like more items,  schedule a store visit at your convenience using our convenient calendar 

Elevate your meals with our farm-fresh produce!

Pre-order online, and we’ll have homegrown eggs, sausage, bacon, Wagyu beef, and more waiting for you in the fridge upon arrival. Plus, during the season, pick your favorite herbs and veggies in our baskets. It’s the simple pleasure of pairing fresh produce with our meats and eggs for unforgettable meals.

Explore our online store now!

Discover more about our farm-to-table delights by visiting our online store today. Your taste buds will thank you!

Please check out by 10 a.m. on your departure day. Dispose of trash in the provided container by the shed, wash dishes if possible, and take excess items with you. We don’t have recycling, so use the designated garbage can. No need to start laundry; we’ll handle it. Thank you!

When the small garbage can in the house is full, kindly take the bag to the shed just outside the door, where you’ll find a black garbage bin. Please note that we do not have recycling facilities on-site. For recycling options, refer to the checkout instructions in the Check-out information provided. Thank you!

The Farmstead Experience

The barn is home to our animals, and here you will find our Wagyu herd and a few other breeds of cows. 

  • Treats for the animals: We provide a limited amount of treats for the animals. We ask that you spaciously feed them treats so there is some for the other guests to enjoy providing them, and do not feed or throw any hay, grain, or anything else for them to eat. 
  • Alfalfa cubes can be found in the front of the Big Gabrel Yellow Barn. But, again, please limit the amount so others can also enjoy this activity.
  • We ask that you spaciously feed them treats so there is some for the other guests to enjoy providing them, and DO NOT FEED or throw any hay, grain, or anything else for them to eat. This can make them very ILL! AGAIN DO NOT FEED THEM ANYTHING ELSE. 

Enjoy free high-speed wi-fi, Direct TV, smart TV, guides, and maps.

You have complete access to all of the property, so you may take full advantage of the fields to wander through. From riding bikes to leisurely walks through the raspberry fields, it’s there for you to enjoy. You will find a map of the property located at the check-in station in the campground for your convenience.

  • Complimentary internet access is available. Search for the wireless network named “Guest” and use the password “Farmstead.” Please note that Wi-Fi signal strength may be limited outdoors, so proximity to the house is recommended for a reliable connection.
  • We provide a smart TV for your entertainment. If you use your Netflix account, kindly remember to log out to avoid additional charges. Please refrain from unplugging the Satellite or TV cords, as a fee may be incurred for any necessary repairs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Having a fire to share with your friends and family is a beautiful experience. Roasting marshmallows, making smores are some of the fun treats you can do around a fire. We offer a very generous crate of wood, hand-split by Glen himself, located under the campground check-in stand.

  •  Firewood can be purchased here: Crate of Firewood
  • Please be aware that using any portable sources, whether for cooking or a propane fire pit, is strictly prohibited on the property.
  • We kindly ask that you do not remove the rings from their location. If you have a propane burning pit you would like to use, please ask before using it and decide if it can damage our lawn.
  • We also ask that you not throw garbage, food, cigarettes, butts, or anything other than wood in the fire pits, and please use the designated garbage cans.

Yes, you can purchase a crate of firewood before your arrival via our shop, and we will deliver it to the Little House or you can purchase a crate when you arrive from our stand.

You’ll have access to our BBQ; kindly turn off and clean the burners after use (brush provided under the grill). Utensils are in the 4th drawer in the house. For meats, place an order here, and we’ll have it ready for your arrival.

Feel free to use our washer and dryer, but please avoid overfilling them. We recommend smaller loads for effective operation. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are provided for your convenience during your stay.

We have a mini-split in the living-kitchen area for heating and cooling, and a separate thermostat-controlled heater in the bedroom for your comfort.

When you stay in the Little Farmhouse, you benefit from exclusive use of your own outdoor area with a large patio table and seating area from which you can enjoy amazing panoramic views across the fields. A private outdoor grill and utensils is also provided for your use together with a private fire pit for relaxing in front of. IN addition, you can also enjoy shared use of the garden with both other guests and the owners (who you will often find tending and working in the garden 😊) The Farmstead is a shared space, there will be other guests around, including the campground during summer months. 

Nearest Shops:
Northwood Market and Thirsty Badger: A small family-owned convenience store, located at the corner of Northwood and E. Badger Rd. 1501 E. Badger, Lynden
Groceries, toiletries, meds, Beer, and Wine are available for purchase.
Nearest Bank / U.S. Bank ATM – Address: 218 Front St, Lynden.
Nearest Post Office: Address: 600 Front St, Lynden.
Nearest Pharmacy: Rite Aid Address: 8090 Guide Meridian Rd, Lynden.

Emergency Services: 911 for Fire, Police, or Ambulance

Our address is 8402 Northwood Rd. Lynden, WA

If you have an emergency in the night or if we are not present, you may contact us,

please call Glen at 1-360-815-1492 or Lisa @ 1-360-815-1494

The management will not accept responsibility for any valuables lost or mislaid unless handed in for safe custody. Further, we take no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred to vehicles or property contained therein. Guests are reminded to take the usual precautions and not leave any valuables or other items on show in their vehicles. Our total liability to you is limited to the booking price, and under no circumstances will we be responsible for any indirect or special damages. 


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