Lynden Pioneer Musuem

Lynden Pioneer Museum
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Free Parking
Allow 2 hours to explore

Just a seven-minute drive from Oostema Farmstead is the charming and fascinating Lynden Pioneer

Located on historic Front Street, the building itself is part of the rich history of early Lynden. Built-in
1913, the structure was the location of an implement dealership and a blacksmith shop. Today it houses
impressive collections, authentic dioramas, and a good dose of small-town charm. The Pioneer
homestead exhibit gives the visitor a glimpse at what pioneer life might have been like in Whatcom
County, with a life-sized replica of a homestead. An old barn exhibit leads right into a diorama of a
typical pioneer kitchen, using items donated by local families. There is also a parlor featuring period
furnishings and a Victorian-era bedroom. Also in this gallery is the military exhibit, featuring local
military-related artifacts and memorabilia from as far back as the Civil War.


Walk down early twentieth century Lynden

Take a walk through the Cozy Cafe, a diner replica that also serves as the kitchen for museum events,
and enter into the life-sized replica of early twentieth century Lynden. Strolling down the creaky
wooden sidewalks of old Front street will make you forget that you are living in the modern era.
Window shop at the recreated Lynden Department store or visit the millinery to window shop for a
beautiful new hat. There are two stories of recreated Lynden businesses to explore.

Visit the two-story hotel, church, saloon, or the Print Shop that houses the first linotype on which the Lynden Tribune was
printed. Also on the main floor are tributes to the city’s Dutch heritage, an impressive camera collection, and some unique Native American artifacts.
Be sure to visit the exhibits on the bottom floor of the museum too. This is home to the famous Polinder
horse-drawn buggy collection. It is the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi with over fifty horse-drawn carriages in a wide range of styles and models on display.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or just want to explore life from another era, consider a visit to the Lynden Pioneer Museum.


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