Lynden's Farmers Day Parade



Lynden’s Farmers Day Parade
We’re excited! We’re thrilled! We’re anxious! So without further barfing of our emotional state, here is PARADE SPECTATOR INFO for the Lynden Farmers Day Parade 2024, presented by Peoples Bank WA.
  • PARADE START TIME: 10:30 a.m. END TIME: Noon-ish. If the youngsters are fed up, or need feeding, feel free to head out beforehand. We won’t be offended, and we want to help create great memories, not unpleasant ones.
  • SPECTATOR ROUTE: Front Street, starting at 10th, east to 3rd Street; 3rd Street north from Front Street to Grover Street; Grover Street west to 5th Street.
  • CLOSED STREETS: For the safety of parade participants, Front Street from 17th Street (the Peoples Bank at Fairway Center street) east to 3rd Street, 3rd north to Grover, and Grover from 3rd Street to B.C. Avenue is closed to non-parade traffic.
  • PARKING: On-street parking north of Grover Street is the best bet.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS! It’s irritating for the homeowner, the blocker looks foolish, and the tow truck drivers would rather watch the parade. So please, don’t.
  • SAFE SPECTATORS STAY CLOSE TO CURB: Candy-chasing youngsters and parade units don’t always mix well, and bad, bad things can happen quickly, so PLEASE, Keep yourself and the young ones Close to the Curb!
Besides, any closer is like the front row at the movie theater: You won’t see the show as well, and your neck will get sore.
  • PACK YOUR PATIENCE: Be it finding a spot to park the family cruiser, waiting to cross the street as ANOTHER tractor passes by, or youngsters whose parade meter is beyond full, be patient, take your time, and enjoy the moment.
  • BE KIND: Generally, there are around 10,000 or so folks who come to enjoy the parade, but this year, we have no clue. So we have brought in extra Plastic Thrones (aka portable toilets). Still, given the change of date, the circumstances of the past year, and a whole slug of PTSD (Parade Traffic Stress Disorder) we still have after the Lighted Parade, be aware that your kindness will likely be a tremendous blessing to others, including us. You, the members of the Lynden community, are our greatest asset in creating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for our friends and neighbors, for each other.
  • OUR ADVICE? Come early, as in 9:30 or 10 a.m., if not before, as the eager beaver brigade starts saving spaces by 6 or 7 a.m. in some areas. Bring a blanket or some lawn chairs. Take some time to get breakfast, such as at Avenue Bread or Rustlers, maybe stop by Just Desserts at Fairway, or get a cinnamon roll to go from the Fairway Cafe. Meander to Muddy Waters to get a shot of “go-go juice” into your cup, and be sure to walk around a bit, to say ‘Howdy” to folks. Please remember to respect the lawn your fanny is occupying, and just as Mom told you, pick up after yourself, and say “please’, “thank-you,” and ‘excuse me” when interacting with others.
  • MOST OF ALL: Enjoy your time. Think of the blessing our farming community brings to us, be it economically, socially, the work ethic, and the tremendous foods we are so fortunate to enjoy, fresh from the fields to our tables.
And so you know, just this once, we really, really would be ok if it rained on our parade.
God bless, our hope is your parade experience is enjoyable, and even if you can’t make it to the celebration, whatever that reason may be, YOU are truly loved!

WHATCOM COUNTY’S OLDEST AND LONGEST-RUNNING AGRICULTURE EVENT! Presented by title sponsor Peoples Bank (WA), the Lynden Farmers Day Parade has for over 110 years brought the Lynden community and surrounding areas together on the first Saturday in June for a morning with family and friends honoring those people in the agriculture industry, the business community. Community organizations have been a large part of the foundation Lynden is built on.
A parade that showcases the farm equipment of the past, present, and in some cases, the future, along with decorated floats, high school marching bands, kids on bikes, scout troops, and 4-H Clubs, cars, trucks, and sometimes even boats, and everything in between, this is a family-oriented, free-to-attend event!
For more information, visit or call the Lynden Chamber of Commerce at 360-354-5995. 


Lynden’s Farmers Day Parade is a long-standing tradition honoring the agricultural industry’s economic and social impact on the community of Lynden and its surrounding area! You can find the parade on Front St. in Lynden starting at 10th St. and running to 3rd St.   There is a lot of different cars, bands, tractors, trucks, and horses salute the Agriculture Industry of Whatcom County!

Since the early 1900’s when the Lynden area farmers took to the streets to show off their produce and animals, the Lynden’s Farmers Day Parade has brought smiles to the faces of young and old alike!

Only in Lynden can you see a procession of trucks, tractors, antique cars, and animals mixed with the traditional floats, bands, and various children’s entries.

Be sure to arrive early, walk the streets and shop the quaint stores.  Here you will find coffee shops, clothes, antiques, restaurants, and the Famous Dutch Bakery. Also, be sure to pick up some poffertjes!!!  That is a must!


Lynden is the second-largest city in Whatcom County, Washington. Located within the Metropolitan Area of Bellingham. Named and established in 1874.  Lynden is located between Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle. 

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