Welcome New Trailer Owners!

Enjoy your first few nights in your trailer in a peaceful and tranquil setting!

Excited about picking up your new Trailer? Looking for a serene and picturesque location to acquaint yourself with your new “home on wheels” before embarking on your grand adventures? Then Oostema Farmstead is the perfect place to practice and gain confidence.

Nestled in Lynden, Washington, only a few miles from your pick-up point in British Columbia,  and only a stone’s throw from the Canadian border on the US side, awaits a sprawling 117-acre farmstead.

As an award-winning accommodation provider, Oostema Farmstead has already hosted hundreds of happy new trailer owners who have cherished their initial nights here, reveling in the breathtaking views of lush farmlands and majestic mountains. Experience breathtaking sunsets as you witness your very first twilight from the comfort of your new trailer – our sunsets are truly something else!

Special Exclusive Offer For New Trailer Owners Save 15% discount on two nights or more (save up to $90) in our accommodations before you pick up your trailer. use the code: NEWTRAILER when booking directly.

Perfect For New Trailer Owners

  • Peaceful and tranquil farmstead on 117-acres
  • Award-winning accommodations and campground
  • Nine individual RV sites w/picnic tables & private fire pits
  • Excellent genuine guest reviews from new trailer owners
  • Wagyu Cattle Farm – farm to fork produce available
  • Breathtaking scenery with spectacular views 
  • Free, strong Wi-Fi for checking videos and resources
  • Ship any goods to the Farmstead for your trailer
  • Leave items with us while you cross over the border
  • Washer and dryer available for all your travel attire

Take a look around our RV and camping areas

FAQ From Previous New Owners

The campground welcomes you to enjoy its amenities and natural beauty all year. Whether you’re a new trailer owner or a seasoned camper, our exclusive offer is a year-round invitation to experience the magic of our Farmstead.  

We offer a range of sites, including 5 full hook-up, and 4 power & water, as well as 4 dry camping spots. 

Our amenities also include a double sink for your convenience, along with two portable toilets. Rest assured, these facilities are professionally cleaned by the company we rent them through, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience for all our guests.

During the winter months, we take necessary precautions to prevent freezing, and as a result, the water supply is turned off. However, we always have one portable toilet available to accommodate your needs during this season. Your comfort and convenience are our priorities year-round.

All of our sites have 30 amps available. 

Yes, we are delighted to extend an exclusive offer for our new trailer owners:

Book two nights or more and get 15% discount (save up to $90)

Quote NEWTRAILER when booking directly.

We completely understand that coordinating your pick-up date with trailer companies can be challenging at times. Rest assured, we are here to make your experience as smooth as possible. We are flexible and willing to adjust your check-in date to accommodate any changes that may arise, ensuring that your stay with us remains stress-free and convenient.

Absolutely, we strongly encourage you to take your time and thoroughly inspect every aspect of your new trailer while staying with us. This careful examination is crucial, as it allows you to identify and address any issues promptly. Whether you discover a problem that needs attention or simply want to ensure everything is in perfect order, our goal is to provide you with a worry-free experience.

When you opt for a full hook-up site, you have the flexibility to fill and dump your trailer right on the site itself. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can utilize our convenient dump station for these services. 

Certainly, we have ample space available for storing your belongings prior to your arrival. Instead of the hassle of packing everything yourself, you can choose to ship your items to us. This approach not only simplifies the pre-packing process but also ensures that you’ll have all your essentials ready when you arrive with your new trailer.

If you have to collect your trailer from Canada,  you can securely store your belongings with us, which eliminates the border hassles associated with what you can and can not take into Canada. We offer ample storage space for your items while you retrieve your trailer. For those staying only one night, there will be a charge, however guests staying 2 nights or more (either before or after their stay) this charge is waived. 

Sites #1 and #6 are prime options for a hassle-free trailer experience. Making it effortless for you to set up your trailer and start enjoying your stay without any unnecessary major back up maneuvering. These sites provide a stress-free and convenient choice for trailer owners looking for a smooth arrival and departure experience.

Certainly, for guests staying more than two nights in a non-septic hook-up, the use of the dump station is complimentary when you depart. However, if you’re staying just one night, a nominal dump fee will be applicable.

Here are a few essential points to keep in mind during freezing conditions on the Farmstead:

  1. Water Supply: When freezing temperatures are expected, we turn off the water supply to the RV sites. We strongly recommend using heat tape for your hose to prevent freezing issues.

  2. Bathroom Water: After our first hard frost, the water area is turned off, so there won’t be running water(no shower or sink). If this poses an issue, please check with us in advance. We have alternative areas with running water, such as another sink, that you can use.

  3. Portable Toilet: Rest assured, we always have a portable toilet available on-site for your convenience.

These measures are in place to ensure a comfortable and problem-free stay during colder weather conditions on the Farmstead.

We provide the convenience of a washer and dryer conveniently located in the barn office. Operating on an honor system, you can use dollars (no need for coins) to run these machines. We aim to make your stay as comfortable and hassle-free as possible, and our self-service laundry facilities are part of our commitment to your convenience.

Absolutely! We offer Wi-Fi connectivity for your convenience, allowing you to stream videos, access necessary materials, or stay connected while setting up your new trailer. We understand the importance of staying connected, and our Wi-Fi service is here to support your needs during your stay.

Quiet time around the Farmstead is from 10 pm until 7 am. Please use soft voices during this time and respect your fellow guests.

Check-In Time: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

We understand that you may be starting the process of moving into your trailer earlier in the afternoon, and we will do our best to accommodate early check-in times for your convenience.

Regrettably, we cannot accommodate under the age of 18 on the Farmstead. As a working farm, machinery and animals create potential safety for younger people.  We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. Your understanding in prioritizing the safety of all is greatly appreciated.

We’re delighted to welcome one dog per trailer booking to our campground. Please be aware that there is an additional charge per night for your furry friend’s stay. Additionally, we kindly request your cooperation in following our Doggy Rules, which can be found by clicking here.. Your adherence to these guidelines helps ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests, both human and canine.

Guests at Oostema Farmstead have access to over 55 acres of stunning farmland making it the perfect location to take a stroll and stretch your legs, knowing that your new trailer and belongings are safe and secure. 

Each site also benefits from an all grass area with a picnic table, and its own personal fire pit. The campground is a shared space with other campers and there may be up to 8 RVs on the property. In addition, you can also enjoy shared use of the garden with both other guests and the owners (who you will often find tending and working in the garden). 

A lot of our guests collecting new trailers choose to stay a night or two prior to picking up their trailers.  We offer three types of  accommodations in addition to the campground:

  1. The Little Farmhouse: A unique vacation rental, perfect for two.
  2. The Farmhouse Apartment: Another vacation rental perfect for two up to four.
  3. The Little Barn: A unique Glamping experience for two.

Our vacation rentals are fully self contained and provide everything you need for your stay.  The Little Barn offers comfortable furniture but you will need to come equipped with your own camping gear.  

To learn more head over to our website here:  Oostema Farmstead Accommodations and Campground

Depending on the season and our current booking levels, we may have the flexibility to offer one-night stays. However, please note that these stays may not be eligible for any discounts.

We have many previous new owners who have welcomed the opportunity to test out their trailer over a number of days. We received a lot of feedback about how this helped make the experience stress-free.

The Lead Guest must make cancellation in writing.  If the reservation is cancelled before the remaining balance is due, your 25% deposit will be retained but no further charges will be payable.  If the reservation is cancelled after the balance payment has been made, the full payment will be retained. There will be no refund. We highly recommend the Lead Guest purchase travel insurance so that if the booking has to be canceled at any time they don’t lose any monies under this policy.