Nooksack Falls near Mt. Baker

Nooksack Falls near Mt. Baker

Parking: Large parking lot and no pass required

Directions: From Glacier, WA ranger station, drive seven miles east on Mt. Baker Highway (SR 542). Turn right onto a dirt road marked for the falls or NF-33. Continue about a half of a mile, and the parking lot will be on your left. The trail will begin on the right.

Enjoy breath-taking views at Nooksack Falls. Less than an hour from Oostema Farmstead, the awe-inspiring falls are sure to please the whole family. Be sure to have your camera ready for these magnificent views.

Nooksack Falls is formed from the glacial water that runs off of the north sides of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan. These waters flow through a narrow valley where it is divided into two segments that plunge 88 feet into the rocky canyon of the North Fork of the Nooksack River.

Located right of the Mount Baker Highway (SR 542), Nooksack Falls is a must-see pit stop when traveling to the picturesque Artist Point or Heather Meadows. Just a few miles beyond the town of Glacier, watch for a sign directing visitors to the falls. There is a parking lot near the waterfall viewing area, about half a mile drive from the main highway, for convenient access. 

Once in the parking lot, look for a marked path. The fenced waterfall viewing platform is a short (0.3 mile) and easy hike from the parking lot.

A view from the base of the falls is not possible and should not be attempted. You will notice signs warning visitors of the danger. Fatalities had occurred when ambitious tourists attempted to get the perfect photo. Be sure to stay on the paths and enjoy the views from behind the safety of the fence. 

The falls are best viewed during spring and early summer when the snowmelt is at its peak, but the falls are beautiful and accessible year-round.

Be sure to check out the interpretive signage. Here you will learn historical information on Puget Sound Energy’s hydroelectric plant hydro-power facility that was built at the falls in 1906.

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