Pet Policy

We are pleased to accommodate one dog per RV booking. Due to restrictions on our liability insurance, we are unable to accept dogs from the following breeds: (pitbull, rottweiler, akita, or wolf mix) on our Farmstead.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable stay for you and an enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend. To maintain a harmonious and safe environment for all, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to our Doggy Rules:

1: Safety First: Above all, our animals’ and guests’ safety and well-being stand as our top priority. Your cooperation in adhering to these rules is essential in ensuring the protection of all.

2: One Dog, One Adventure: In our pursuit of harmony, we are pleased to accommodate one dog per camping/RV booking. This consideration allows every guest to have their own special adventure. However we don’t allow dogs in tents.

3: Mindful Presence: As we craft a serene and enjoyable atmosphere, kindly be conscious of your dog’s impact on the Farmstead’s ambiance. Your mindful presence contributes to the collective experience.

4: Cattle Comfort: Our cattle, the heartbeat of our working farm, thrive in calm surroundings. We kindly request that your dog always maintains a respectful distance.  This practice is especially vital due to the presence of expecting or young animals.

5: Promoting Calm: To nurture the well-being of our cattle and farm animals, please prevent your dog from barking or becoming excited around them. This practice ensures that the Farmstead remains serene for all inhabitants.

6: Farmstead Etiquette: While your canine companion is cherished, we kindly ask that they do not enter the barn area or any of the fields. This consideration ensures a peaceful coexistence between all residents. You may walk your dog anywhere around the immediate grounds and through the raspberry field, but always on a leash.

7: Guest Consideration: While we value all our guests, if your pet’s behavior disrupts the Farmstead’s tranquility or affects the enjoyment of fellow guests, we may kindly ask you to seek alternative lodgings.

8: Leash Love: To uphold safely for animals, guests, and your furry friend, kindly ensure they are always on a leash. The leash should be non-retractable and no longer than six feet, allowing for controlled exploration and ensuring a secure environment.

9: Barking Etiquette: While we embrace nature’s sounds, we kindly request that excessive or uncontrollable barking is avoided. Should barking become excessive, we may kindly ask you to seek alternative lodging to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all.

10: Never Alone: Your dog must never be left unattended, whether in your RV, vehicle or anywhere else on the Farmstead. Your constant presence ensures the safety and well-being of our animals and guests, as well as your furry friend’s.

11: Always Cleanup: Responsible pet ownership includes promptly picking up after your dog. This practice maintains the beauty of our surroundings and contributes to the collective cleanliness of the Farmstead.

12: Vaccine Vigilance: Prior to your arrival, ensuring your dog’s vaccinations are up to date is imperative. This practice safeguards the health and happiness of both our human and furry guests.

13: Identification Measures: For enhanced security, we encourage the use of microchips or identification tags for your dog. This facilitates a swift reunion in case they happen to wander.

14: Constant Vigilance: Keeping watch over your furry friend at all times ensures their behavior aligns with our rules and guarantees their contentment throughout their stay.

We extend our gratitude for your understanding and cooperation, which will significantly contribute to a wonderful experience for all.  Let’s work together to make unforgettable memories for both humans and animals alike.