Ski to Sea Race

ki to Sea is an annual relay race that takes place in Bellingham, Washington, USA. The race covers a distance of approximately 93 miles and involves teams of seven participants who each complete a leg of the race, which involves a different endurance sport, such as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, running, cycling, canoeing, and kayaking. The race starts with cross-country skiing and ends with a sea kayak leg.

The Ski to Sea race was first held in 1973 and has since become an iconic event in the Bellingham community. It draws participants from around the region and is known for its scenic course and festive atmosphere, with live music and food vendors lining the route. The goal of the race is not just to complete the course as quickly as possible, but also to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and a respect for the environment.

If you’re visiting Whatcom County over Memorial Day weekend, you will be able to experience one of our most beloved and celebrated annual events. The Ski to Sea Race and celebration has been a part of Whatcom County history since 1911 and is our biggest local event.

Local teams train year-round to participate in this seven leg relay race. The competition begins with a cross-country skiing leg on the slopes of Mount Baker. It also includes downhill skiing or snowboarding, running, road biking, canoeing, cyclo-cross biking and ends with a kayaking leg that concludes on the shores of Bellingham Bay.

The race spans a 93-mile course, so there are plenty of great places for you to view parts of the race. Use the race course map to help you decide which leg or legs of the race you would like to view. Some popular viewing areas include the towns of Glacier, Kendall, and Nooksack. Riverside Park in Everson is also a popular viewing area.

Please be mindful of the participants and their support teams on the course and choose alternate routes when traveling from one viewing area to another whenever possible. This will help to keep traffic flowing and will minimize potentially dangerous situations for the participants.

If you prefer to catch the festivities at the end of the race, you can watch teams cross the finish line at Marine Park in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham. The finish line is a great place to celebrate victories while enjoying the beauty of Bellingham Bay.

The Fairhaven Festival is a celebration that takes place in Fairhaven, a historic district of Bellingham, Washington, USA, and marks the end of the Ski to Sea Race. The festival features live music, food vendors, and a variety of activities and events for people of all ages.

The festival is held in the streets of Fairhaven and is designed to create a festive and community-oriented atmosphere. It offers a chance for participants, spectators, and local residents to come together and celebrate the end of the race and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

In addition, to live music, food, and vendors, the festival also features activities such as a kid’s carnival, a beer garden, and a variety of games and contests. The festival is known for its lively atmosphere and is a great opportunity for families and friends to spend a day outdoors and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest.

The Fairhaven Festival, known by locals as “It All Ends in Fairhaven,” takes place on the Sunday of Ski to Sea weekend. It usually begins at 10 am and ends in the evening around 5 pm. 

Marine Park is about a forty-minute drive from Oostema Farmstead. Parking is limited in Fairhaven, so leave early and expect to walk. Be sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Whatcom County weather can be unpredictable in the spring but is typically warm and sunny during the Memorial Day weekend, so bring sunblock.   

For more information on Lynden, check out our Local Guide, and enjoy your day before you return to your cozy getaway at the Oostema Farmstead.  We will keep the lights on for you.


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