Taylor Dock Bellingham

Walk the boardwalk from Boulevard Park to Fairhaven.

It’s no secret that Taylor Dock, just outside of Fairhaven Historic District in Bellingham is one of the most popular trails in Whatcom County. Taylor Dock offers the opportunity for people to propel themselves in a monorail-like fashion over the open waters of Bellingham Bay.  This connector from Fairhaven Village Green to Boulevard Park is one of the best ways to experience an excellent slice of what Bellingham has to offer. There are benches along the way to grab a seat and soak in the views of distant mountains with the taste of saltwater on your palate.

One of the best walks is the boardwalk running from Boulevard Park to Fairhaven. Snag a cup of coffee at Woods Coffee and stroll along the walk over the water to Fairhaven. Each time I go to Taylor Dock, it brings me back to my childhood in California, I love the beach and can’t believe how lucky we are to live in a place like this. 

As you walk along the elevated boardwalk, views to the north afford peeks of the peaks. On clear days, in the distance, the Canadian Border Peaks can be seen rising above the skyline. Interesting aspects of the geologic history of the region are visible from this man-made walkway. Look around.

One lump in the water is a reminder of the industry of Bellingham’s interesting past. For years it has sat alone in the enclosed space drawing eyes in with wonderment and questions. I challenge you to ask “the locals” to see if they know what that “lump” in the water is as you saunter down the decks of the dock. While it’s not there anymore, the sculpture Grace, used to sit perched on the ‘rock’.

It is such a great walk if you have an hour or the whole day for exploring at each end of the trail.

Be sure to stop at Village books while visiting Taylor Dock. There is something magical about a bookstore. The smell, the myriad of stories waiting to be discovered, the tangible pages to flip through as you stumble upon a book you can’t wait to read. Village Books is a staple in Bellingham  Once you have found and purchased a book, nothing is better than heading out to Fairhaven Village Green, just outside the store, layout on a blanket, and reading in the sunshine.




Guide to the Recreational Trails Near Bellingham

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