Looking for a unique way to celebrate the holidays and have delightful Christmas celebrations near Bellingham, Washington, great for the entire family. The Northwest Lynden Lighted Christmas Parade is very popular in this small town. The parade is brought to the community by our local sponsor Edaleen Dairy!

Downtown is a short 3-minute drive from the Farmstead. I recommend going in early and parking near Rustlers.  (it might be busy, so hop on over first and check their wait times)

Some streets will be blocked, but there is ample parking if you arrive early. You can walk down Historic Downtown on Front Street, stop in a few shops, and check out Village Books or the Lynden Pioneer Museum, which might be a treat.

For more information on this year’s festivities, including the Parade, get your free guide by filling out the information below.  This will include where to park and the whole day’s list of activities.

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