The Tiny Barn


Enjoy your own private Tiny Barn


All the joys of the great outdoors with a little extra comfort thrown in. Make memories with friends and family around your campfire.

The Space

The Tiny Barn will be situated on a knoll, by the garden. It overlooks the fields and has spectacular views all around. 

The Tiny Barn is a  perfect place to lay your head down under cover for the night.  While we prepare to get it ready for the winter months, you can have the opportunity to stay in it beforehand and experience the Farmstead. 

You may enjoy all the best aspects of camping with some extra comforts you miss in a tent. With our Tiny Barn , you get solid walls and a roof over your head to protect you from the elements and give you an added level of comfort.

Discover yourself or reconnect with that someone special in the great outdoors. This cozy Tiny Barn awaits your next great escape!

  • Ease into camping: No camping experience? No problem! The Tiny Barn is the perfect way to test the camping waters — no camping skills are required. It’s also a good way to convince those reluctant campers in your group to give it a try.
  • Make packing easier: While staying in the Tiny Barn, you don’t need to bring a tent or even own one.  Whether you’re planning a motorcycle trip or simply don’t want to mess with all the gear, our Tiny Barn lets you show up with a sleeping bag and a much shorter packing list.
  • Have an extended camping season: Don’t let the changing seasons keep you from camping. When you stay in our Tiny Barn, you can comfortably camp in the fall and earlier in the spring, so you can pack in as much camping fun as possible each year.
  • Stay warm and dry: There’s nothing wrong with a rainy-day hike or fishing adventure, but at the end of the day, you want a warm, cozy place to sleep. The Tiny Barn can keep you out of the elements, no matter what Mother Nature has planned.
  • Bring pets along: We are pet-friendly so your furry family member can adventure with you. Keeping your pet in The Tiny Barn makes them feel safe and cozy.