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When if that, have you ever poured your beer at a pub? The first time I walked into DownTime Taps was with my son for his birthday. We were warmly greeted by a server when at the time,  I didn’t know it was Tomas, the owner.

He politely showed us how to get our Fob Key and how to pour our beer. Surprise, I can pour as much or as little of each of the beers on tap, or wine? Of course, there is a limit on how much 🙂

So how does pour your beer or wine sound?

When you arrive, a Fob Key will be given to you that tracks the quantity and price of beer ($6-$7 per pint) they pour. With 32 tap options, about 80 percent are local to Bellingham and Seattle. Other options include sips from Oregon and other popular out-of-state breweries.

We ordered a few of their items on the menu, and they were terrific. I highly suggest the pretzel. Yummm. Anything on the menu is perfect to have with your beverage.

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The owner:

Aminnie is one of Whatcom County’s newest business owners, having co-founded DownTime Taps in Ferndale with Coconut Kenny’s owner, Chay Tan. What’s more astonishing than his age is that fourteen years ago, Aminnie was an orphan in Ethiopia and didn’t speak a word of English.











Aminnie was ten years old when his mother passed away, and he was in an orphanage. A year later, however, he was on a plane headed to Sedro Wooley, Washington. With three children, a local family decided to adopt eight children from Ethiopia- all at the same time.

Aminnie was a Western Washington University student working part-time at Coconut Kenny’s when he first experienced a self-serve tap bar during a visit to Rhode Island three years ago. He loved the concept and had a gut feeling it would work in Whatcom County. But it took three years before Tan, who is Coconut Kenny’s owner, agreed to become his business partner.

After Aminnie’s mentor and a friend bought the idea, he helped him secure a location and began constructing DownTime Taps.


Be sure to Visit Downtime Taps Experience the Pour!


Located at 1730 La Bounty Drive,  STE 11, Ferndale, the state’s first self-serve taproom is a warmly decorated, fun space. It opened in July with 1,900 square feet, 46 seats, and cool décor, including large garage doors, masonry, a lengthy rectangular gas fireplace. The outdoor seating area is entertaining. There are a few swinging benches that you can sit on and relax while sipping on your beverage.

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And be sure to enjoy the magnificent sunset before you head back north to your cozy getaway at the Oostema Farmstead. We will keep the light on for you.

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