Visit Historic Fairhaven

The Historic Fairhaven Village is a charming community located on the south end of Bellingham Washington, just a short 35-minute drive from the Oostema Farmstead  in Whatcom County.

The month of December is bursting with holiday cheer in Fairhaven with The Fairhaven Winterfest!  Hear the clip-clop of horse hooves on the old cobblestone streets, stroll under the shimmering tree lights, enjoy holiday decorations, and listen to the carolers sing your favorite Christmas songs.

Be sure to bring your letters for Father Christmas, and deliver them in the classic Victorian mailbox located on the Village Green stage near the glorious community Christmas Tree. From there enjoy a ride in the horse-drawn carriage to scope out which local treat you’ll want to try afterward.

Any time of the year is fun for strolling the historic streets of Fairhaven and visiting the locally owned and operated boutique shops, curated art galleries. You’re sure to find unique and skillfully crafted treasures. Take some time to wander through Village Books and Evolve Chocolate + Cafe deliciously perched upstairs on the mezzanine will melt you into a contented smile.

Relax with a spa treatment, or choose from outdoor activities aplenty. Renting an e-bike or kayaking on the bay may be more your pace.

Or maybe you’re feeling artsy and would like to get creative at CreativiTea with pottery or canvas at UpTown Art! It’s a great way to spend time relaxing, creating and chatting with those you love.

If the sun is shining (or setting) follow the interurban trail from Fairhaven to Boulevard Park that takes you on a stroll over the water on a boardwalk to Woods Cofee which offers wonderful indoor and patio seating with a cozy river stone fireplace overlooking the bay.

Larrabee State Park and Zuanch Parks are also beautiful places to enjoy the sea views and a little stretch of sandy beach. Larabee is known for its postcard views of Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands. Zuanch is a perfect spot to fly a kite with the littles in the spring. Eather place provides you with perfect spots for quiet contemplation, child play or a romantic date.

Did you know you could even catch a ferry to Alaska from Fairhaven? The ferry takes 37 hours to the first stop, Ketchikan, and three days to Skagway. From the reviews on their Alaska Marine Highway Facebook page,  it appears their bunk rooms are clean and tidy, and the crew makes your trip comfortable and fun.

If you’re curious about the history of the town of Fairhaven I found this little gem, and the link will tell you more about the founder “Dirty Dan”.

“Eighteen eighty-three was a big year for Dirty- Dan Harris. As the new year dawned he was putting the finishing touches on the plat of a brand-new town that he named Fairhaven. Accounts differ about where the name came from. Harris is said to have claimed that it came from a Lummi name, Seeseelichem, which he said meant a port of fair haven, whereas others claimed that the name came from an old whaling port in the Northeast. He filed the plat on January 2, 1883. The new town consisted of 85 blocks divided into eight lots each, and its main street was named Harris Avenue.”

For more information on Bellingham, check out our Local Guide, and be sure to enjoy your day before you head back north to your cozy getaway at the Oostema Farmstead. We will keep the light on for you.

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