Waypoint Park in Bellingham

The new Waypoint Park in Bellingham is one of the first tangible signs of the city’s waterfront redevelopment of the former Georgia-Pacific paper mill site, and an exciting harbinger of things to come for the property. It also adds to the already long list of parks available to all ages.

Redevelopment of the downtown Bellingham waterfront has been a long time in the making. 

Exploring Waypoint Park

The park is not huge, but still has plenty to explore. Of course,you are  immediately drawn to check out the huge metallic globe / Waypoint Sculpture. It’s a gigantic piece of steel, and standing next to it makes you feel small! 

There are lots of new and exciting things happen downtown on the waterfront! Waypoint Park is also home to the Granary Building, built in 1928 it was once the focal point of Bellingham and a booming egg and poultry business. The Granary Building is currently is home to a yoga studio, Artivem Mead Co and on Wednesday the park hosts the Bellingham Farmers Market! 

Alongside the sculpture is grassy area to run and play, as well as a beach where you can skip rocks or look for sea life. Landscaping includes benches and well-placed rocks for perching upon and enjoying the sun and the scenery.

The playground is unique in its design. It has a working waterfront vibe with tall logs sunk into a spongy cyan play surface, making it look like pilings rising up out of the water. 

Adjacent to the playground is the historic Granary building, which has been refurbished and is beginning to fill with retail and other businesses.

Adventure Starts Here

 Wikipedia describes a waypoint as “an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point or point at which course is changed.”  Fittingly, Waypoint Park is an excellent spot to plan into a larger adventure of downtown or the waterfront.

In fact, you could start at Waypoint and bike along Roeder Avenue and head toward the Bellwether and Zuanich Point Park. Along the way, stop near the Coast Guard station to explore the Waterfront Trail and maybe take a break at the small pocket beach before pedaling down to Zuanich Point Park to watch some kite flying, play on the playground or check out the boats in the marina.


There is also home to the  Trackside beer garden, they welcome all ages, is dog-friendly, and is a hub for summertime fun; featuring 20 taps of our seasonal, limited release and year-round offerings, as well as wine, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages. They have regular live music and events, over 25,000 square feet of beer garden, yard games and a huge lawn! Bring your bikes, friends, family down to enjoy craft beer and a wide variety of food, ice cream and other fun offerings from the growing number of businesses within the “Portal” shipping container village. Bring a friend or bring the whole family they have plenty of room!

If you’re not up for a bike ride, Waypoint Park is in easy walking distance of the Old Town antique shops and Rocket Donuts, which could nicely round out the afternoon – all in keeping with the park as a waypoint on your day’s adventure.


For more information on Lynden, check out our Local Guide, and be sure to enjoy your day before you head back to your cozy getaway at the Oostema Farmstead.  We will keep the lights on for you.

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